Example pages

Example pages demonstrate various demo content items that can/cannot be accessed/seen due to any specific WP Fusion tag applied to user.

The best way to see features is to log-in as the demo user which already has applied specific tags for this purposes. For testing you can remove and add different tags to the user to see how it affects items visibility/accessibility:

Username: ExamplePagesUser
Password: ExamplePagesUser

Alternatively you can choose to login as a different user and assign various WP Fusion tags to see how Example pages behave.

Available tags for 'ExamplePagesUser' User:

WP Fusion tag ID: Can_See_Excerpt
WP Fusion tag ID: Cannot_See_Title
WP Fusion tag ID: Can_See_Author
WP Fusion tag ID: Cannot_See_Slug
WP Fusion tag ID: Membership Premium
WP Fusion tag ID: Display-slug Optionally