User test

Feel free to build and save rule groups, to see how they evaluate. The rules are saved in the input field only, not in the database.

Saved rule groups


Test report

  1. User

      user loop is an instance of Tangible\Loop\UserLoop
      user is an instance of WP_User

  2. Field wp_fusion_tags

      Wp Fusion connected to a CRM
      returns an array
      returns an array of tag IDs
      returns correct tags applied to User

  3. Field wp_fusion_access

      returns true or false
      returns true when user has access

  4. User logic: tags

      user field wp_fusion_tags includes tag

  5. User logic: access

      PLEASE LOGIN (user field wp_fusion_access)

  6. tangible_logic()

      has method enqueue

Total of 6 tests: 5 passed, 1 failed