User Membership loop

For loop type woo_user_membership, here are the available query arguments and fields.

Query arguments

  • items - Pre-populated list of items

    Type: array

  • order - Order

    Default: desc
    Type: string

  • orderby - Order by

    Default: name
    Type: string

  • user - User ID, name, or "current"

    Type: number, string

  • user_id - User ID, name, or "current"

    Type: number, string, array


  • can_be_renewed - Checks whether the user membership can be renewed by the user.
  • cancelled_date - Gets the membership cancelled datetime.
  • end_date - Membership to
  • id - ID
  • is_active - Checks if a membership is currently in active status.
  • is_cancelled - Checks if the membership has been cancelled.
  • is_delayed - Checks if the membership has a delayed activation.
  • is_expired - Checks if the membership has been expired.
  • is_paused - Checks if the membership is paused.
  • notes - Return the membership's notes
  • order_id - Gets the order id that granted access
  • paused_date - Gets the membership paused datetime.
  • plan_id - Gets the associated plan ID
  • product_id - Gets the product id that granted access
  • start_date - Membership from
  • status - Membership status
  • total_active_time - Returns the total amount of time the membership has been active since its start date
  • total_time - Returns the total active or inactive time of a membership
  • type - Returns the user membership type.
  • user - User object corresponding to membership