Integrations with third-party plugins are organized as add-ons.

Each add-on has its own documentation site, with a child theme that provides the site templates.


To start a local development site, clone the documentation site of the integration add-on. Each site has Duplicator installed for this purpose.

In the local site, for each of the following plugins and themes, replace with their BitBucket repositories. This way, they can be developed within the context of the site, as well as kept up to date.



  • Tangible Views theme (Git repository)
  • Child theme for the add-on documentation site


Here's an example of replacing a plugin with its Git repository.

cd wp-content/plugins
rm -rf tangible-loops-and-logic
git clone [email protected]:tangibleinc/tangible-loops-and-logic.git

Repeat the steps for each repo. (Would be nice to have a script to automate this.)

Keeping up to date

The Loops & Logic suite of plugins are in active development, with frequent commits.

The best way to keep coordinated is for each of us to update plugins (fetch latest commits) and Composer modules regularly, before starting to work on our local repos for the day.

Run the following commands in the local plugin and theme repositories.


Fetch and pull remote changes:

git fetch --all && git pull origin master

This allows cleaner commit history, in case there are unmerged changes from other team members.

Composer and NPM

Update dependencies:

composer update && npm update