License loop

For loop type edd_license, here are the available query arguments and fields.

Query arguments

  • count - Posts per page

    Default: -1
    Type: number

  • creation_date - Creation exact date. Will ignore creation_start and creation_end if specified

    Type: date

  • creation_end - Creation end date

    Type: date

  • creation_start - Creation start date

    Type: date

  • expiration_date - Creation start date or 'any' for any non-lifetime expiration. Will ignore expiration_start and expiration_end if specified

    Type: date, string

  • expiration_end - Creation start date

    Type: date

  • expiration_start - Creation start date

    Type: date

  • id - Restrict to ids

    Type: array

  • key - License key

    Type: string

  • order - Order: ASC or DESC

    Default: ASC
    Type: string

  • orderby - Order by field

    Default: name
    Type: string

  • parent - Post parent

    Type: number, string

  • payment_id - Get licenses for specific payment. Ignores all other arguments if specified.

    Type: number, string

  • search - Search

    Type: string

  • status - License status

    Type: array, string

  • user - User ID, name, or "current". Ignores all other arguments if specified.

    Type: number, string


  • activation_count - Activation count
  • activations - Gets license activations. Returns a loop.
  • child_licenses - List of EDD_SL_License objects for the child licenses. Returns a loop.
  • default_activation_count - Default activation count
  • display_status - License display status
  • download - Gets associated download. Returns a loop.
  • expiration - Expiration date or 'lifetime'
  • id - License ID
  • is_at_limit - Returns if the license is at its activation limit
  • is_expired - Check if license is expired
  • license_length - Get the string equivalent of the length of the license. For example: +1years
  • license_term - Used to display the term for a given license to the user
  • logs - Gets license logs. Returns a loop.
  • name - License name
  • renewal_url - License renewal url
  • unsubscribe_url - License unsubscribe url